A Magical Destination

Strandir: Magic & Tranquility

Strandir has that full unique ‘Icelandic experience’, puffins, whales, northern lights, Icelandic horses, beautiful nature. But Strandir also has that extra – the raw, the real, the remote. Raw, untouched nature. Real old-time magic. Arctic foxes roaming around. Bumpy roads up and down the mountains. We have small fishing villages with an amazing history.

Strandir, Strands, is a collective name for the east coast on the Westfjords in Iceland. The Westfjords are what some call the head of Iceland. The northwest corner of the island that kind of sticks out, has insanely many fjords and bumpy roads. Reaching Strandir by a car from Reykjavík takes under 3 hours, and you can fly to the northern part from Reykjavík in just over 30 minutes.

What to do and see?

Jumpy pillow in Hólmavík

Frisbee Golf in Drangsnes 

Eyvindarfjörður Hiking Trail

Rjúkandi Waterfall Hiking Trail

Hvalá – Drynjandi

Jumpy pillow in Drangsnes

Lilli’s playground

Strandir Skiing Society

Skeljavík Golf court

Birdwatching House

Where to eat?


Verzlunarfjelag Árneshrepps

Verslunarfélag Drangsness

Bistro 510

Hotel Djúpavík

Hólmavík Guesthouse

Café Norðurfjörður


Malarhorn Guesthouse

Restaurant Galdur

Where to sleep?

Drangsnes Campsite

Hólmavík Campsite

Urðartindur Guesthouse


Víðidalsá Friendly Farmhouse

Bergistangi Guesthouse

Hotel Djúpavík

Hólmavík Guesthouse

Malarhorn Guesthouse

Hvammur Cottages